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Rynopaks was founded in the fall of 1996 through the launch of a clear back-pack. This pack was designed by two students from Tyler, Texas, who heard rumors that the local school district was going to require see-through back-packs. Although this mandate never passed, the business was formed. Over the next year, the company grew and expanded its product line to include custom athletic bags.

In 1999 Rynopaks rebranded and became Ryno Athletics and for a time expanded its product line to include athletic accessory products. In 2001, the company acquired Athletic Bag Company (ABC), a manufacturer and marketer of custom athletic bags that was founded in 1967. ABC was a pioneer

in the custom bag business and with this acquisition gave Ryno a prominent position as a national bag brand.

The acquisitions continued – in 2002 ABC/Ryno purchased Shamrock Sports Bags, a regional bag manufacturer based in the southeastern U.S. In 2008, Ryno acquired Amerisport, a premium west coast custom bag manufacturer and supplier based in the Fresno, California area.

In 2012, Ryno was acquired by Official Issue, an apparel brand offering performance uniform and moisture management products for the baseball, football and training market segments.


Because of our commitment to quality, Ryno manufactures and sources only the finest materials and products for our customers. We offer a full one year warranty on all of our stock bags and an extended three year guarantee on our custom models. This warranty covers all defects in materials and workmanship from the date of delivery. If you experience any problems within the given time frames listed above, return the product to us and we will repair or replace the item at no charge. This warranty does not cover damage from accidents, neglect, abuse, misuse or normal wear and tear. See price sheet for complete returns information.